Correct position for lying down

Rightposition for lying down is one that leaves the head on the same horizontal line as the rest of the body

It is during sleep that the spine and all the muscles of the body relax, the intervertebral discs nourish and prepare to withstand the force of gravity that acts on the body during the day.

> The neck can not be flexed up or down, but in a straight line to the neck. The ideal is to sleep on your side, with the neck aligned with the body. Another position recommended by specialists is the back (with the belly up).

> The bump-down position (with the belly down) is not recommended. When lying on your back, you need a pillow for belly downthat supports the neck, so the neck is straight.

> Incorrect positions may lead to neck pain (torticollis), low back pain, changes in the cervical spine, such as a herniated disc, Besides encouraging snoring and apnea (stopping of breathing during sleep). Among the main symptoms of something going wrong are neck and neck pain, burning, feeling of weight in the neck, numbness and tingling in the arm and hands. Find the orthopedic pillow for your neck is one of the best ways to solve the problem.

> The idea is to replace the mattress every five years. Look for product information before purchase.

> Observe if the mattress fits well to the curves of the body. Smaller and leaner people may opt for a lower density, but those with greater weight should prefer those with higher density.

> One of the great problems related to the mattress and that can disrupt the quality of sleep are the pains. The sleeping position can have a significant amount of guilt.

> Changing position at night is normal and healthy. Like this, The pressure on the part of the body that is in contact with the mattress and the pillow decreases.

>If yourhabit is to sleep on your belly down, try varying by placing a pillow under the abdomen. Or lie on your back for 10 minutes before surrendering to the usual position. Keep increasing that time every night. When you wake up on your stomach, correct the position.

> The ideal pillow should fit perfectly in the gap between your shoulder and neck. Orthopedic pillows can help.> Avoid that too hard or too loud, forcing the spine.

> Do not put your arm or hand under your head, face, or pillow, as this posture can trigger spinal or neck dysfunctions.

> Obese and short-necked people should avoid using very high pillows, for example, So that your neck is not too tilted upward if you sleep with your belly up. But the chubby ones who usually sleep on their stomachs should also not opt ​​for high pillows, so as not to have their neck stretched back. Both positions can cause neck and spine pain over the years.

> Despite the experts’ recommendations, the height of the pillow depends on each person. A physician should clarify doubts. The height of the pillow depends on each. A doctor should specify doubts. The height of the pillow depends on each. A physician should clarify doubts.

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